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Think grow your business and your brand


Our thoughts following the Future of Consumer Intelligence Conference last week in LA

Introducing Our New Thought Leadership Series


You’ll often hear the team at Passenger talk about how Community evolves. As we continue to push the envelope on new community activities, new technical methods to accomplish old tasks, and new thinking about how community can help businesses today, we wanted to formalize the conversation through the Passenger Thought Leadership Series…. And we’re starting next week.

Making the Experience Emotional and Personal: How Online Communities Can Help Companies Strategically Build, Protect, and Recover Customer Trust


Michael W. Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC, Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes - the Customer Experience


The concept of customer experience has obviously been around for a very long time, but in the last couple of years, it has become a hot topic; in fact, it has become a critical differentiator in today’s hyper-competitive, hyper-connected global marketplace. With the ever-growing demands of customers and the endless amount of products and information out there, delivering superior customer experiences seems to be a main source of competitive advantage. Customer experience is the key to winning a customer over – that is why it’s a hot topic today. It’s not just about the product and services customers buy, it’s their entire journey; the experience a customer has before, during, and after a product or service is bought.

Is there a need for the Voice of the Customer at the Back End of Innovation?


I had the opportunity to spend several days with a number of innovation executives at the Back End of Innovation Conference, in Santa Clara.  ‘Back end’ innovation specialists differ from those that deal with the ‘front end’ innovation, in that they are focused on turning ideas, insights and trends into results.   This creates business practices that are heavily immersed in metrics, process, and returns on investment, as leaders look to demonstrate the value that innovation brings as a business practice.

Taking the Pulse of your Brand Health


In our last blog post, we gave an overview on how you can use an online community to discover insights into your brand, including brand health, customer experience, corporate reputation and message testing. When we touched upon the concept of brand health we discussed why it’s important to check your brand’s vital signs in order to understand what’s working and what’s not on a frequent basis to keep your finger on the state of your brand in this dynamic market place. With the vast amount of choices and information consumers have today, there is no reason for them to purchase a brand they simply don’t like. If you ask your consumers the right questions you will know why they are or why they aren’t purchasing your product, and how to solve your brand’s problems.

Lessons learned from PDMA 2013: Are marketing researchers missing the boat on innovation?


I had the pleasure of mixing it up with key product development and innovation leaders during the Professional Development Management Association's ( annual conference held at the Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona last month.  It was great to share ideas with many firms including Sherwin Williams, Baker Hughes, Chick -fil-A, Chobani, Coca - Cola & Mary Kay, however, I was stunned by how many of the innovation professionals I talked to only use marketing research at the front end of their innovation & product development processes.  Over and over, in my discussions I heard the same thing:  Innovators find the voice of the customer incredibly valuable to their product development processes, but feel that traditional research methodologies are too slow to meet their needs, once a project has been placed on a critical path for launch. 

4 Things Your Customers Can Help You Discover About Your Brand


An iPhone isn’t just any phone, it’s an Apple. People don’t just search for information online, they Google it and if someone is thirsty? They ask for a Coke.

Where will your puck be this holiday season?


The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, probably the most talented hockey player that ever lived once stated:

Two Tips From a Sailor for Creating Successful Community Engagement


One of the things I love to do with my father is sail. Every since I was a kid, we would jump on his boat and head out into the Atlantic for a few days to visit different ports and then we’d head back to the marina, tired, yet satiated from our trips. As I got older, I was able to get involved in sailboat racing and be crew on a variety of boats, and as a result was exposed to a diversity of leadership styles and skill levels. With these experiences I have been exposed to some fantastic people & experiences, but have also seen how seemingly simple mistakes can compound upon themselves and lead to dangerous situations.

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